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C.S.I. S.r.l. (standing for Centro Servizi Integrati) was founded in 1995 with the idea of ??providing services and support to both railway and telecommunications leading companies (Power Supply Distribution, Earthing, Wiring, Small Power Distribution, Lighting, Fire Detection Alarms, Scada System cabling, Corrosion Monitoring cabling, Emergency Ventilation System cabling, Stretch complete walkway, Chilling systems, Signaling systems, Automatic Platform Doors, Ticketing and Access systems). Over the years, company’s operational areas have expanded resulting in partnership agreements with national and international key companies. Having twenty years of experience in its own areas of expertise, CSI technical and administrative staff is able to deal with all the operational stages of a complex engineering project, from the technical and economic feasibility stage and legal compliance (i.e. technology consulting, financial and administrative) to the planning, approval, implementation and maintenance / management of the tasks.


Mission: Design, Build, Commission integrated systems for Subway traditional and driverless railway industry. High Speed Network. Industrial Plant systems. Remote Control and Monitoring systems. Solution for renewable energies. Services and Maintenance.


The consolidated experience of the Founder and Technical Directors, combined with the company objective of achieving a better quality through the use of advanced technology, has secured CSI a good and solid position on the market.

Having a highly differentiated and articulated business in terms of activities, the company operates according to a multservice logic. That logic turns out to be an element of success with regard to the design, construction and commissioning, dealing ABCwith demanding industries (from the point of view reliability and quality of supply).


CSI always coupled its activities of design, engineering and  plants construction, with an intense research and development activity in partnership with the best Universities, research institutions and production companies in abcorder to identify and help to develop and industrialize future technologies and applications.


Currently CSI is engaged in two research projects:

- The S.V.E.M Project which aims to study, develop and implement, in a prototype form of pre-industrialization, a multi-purpose system for monitoring global performance of vehicles in the Automotive and environmental context;

- Development of Innovative Energization Systems characterized by developmental functions of diagnosis and treatment of failures.


The main scientific partners in these projects are:

- Department of Industrial Engineering at the Naples University Federico II;

- DAEIMI - Department of Automation Engineering, Electromagnetics and Industrial Mathematics at the Cassino University;

- Interuniversity Consortium for Research “Me.S.E.” - Metrics and Measurement Technology on Electrical Systems

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