Goals and scopes of C.S.I.



 (Supervision, Control And Data Acquisition)

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of SCADA Subsystem  Line C Metro Rome ( 24 stations and Depot Area). Customer:   Selex ES SpA

SCADA subsystem task is to control all installation on passengers stations, on board and along the line. Control Centre operator can verify the correct operation of the various installations making up the entire underground system like passengers  lifts, escalators, ventilation system, cut-outs, safety and security systems.

Tramway applications at Firenze-Scandicci Line

This system allows  passenger information like of audio/video info, outside the station, on the walkways and  on board.

Main Subsystems:
  •   RADIO connection:
  •   between the Control Centre and the service personnel;
  •   between the Control Centre and the passengers on board the vehicle;
  •   between the Control Centre and the service personnel on board the vehicle;
  •   emergency telephony system;
  •   passenger information (PID) both on board  and on the walkways;
  •   sound broadcasting system, with real-time and programmed announcements;
  •   sound broadcasting system, with real-time and programmed announcements;
  •   emergency intercom both on the train and on the walkway, to allow passengers to communicate with the Control Centre;
  •   video surveillance system (managed by the Control Centre) both on board and on the walkways;
  •  audio/video recording.
Automatic Platform Doors Line C of the Rome Metro
Construction of automatic platform gates (lenght m 110) for 24 railway stations

      The Automatic Platform Doors  solution allows  to achieve full separation between the platform and the line:
the purpose is to increase passenger  safety, since they will fully prevent people from accessing the tunnels and the rail way. Moreover, it will enhance the comfort of the passengers at the station, by protecting them against the heavy air flow inside the tunnel. 
       The  doors system is  controlled by the ATC system    and will be opened only concurrently with the opening of the train doors, when the train stops at  the station.

Power supply and electrical distribution

  • Supply and installation of Power Center cabinets for 24 railway stations and Depot Area  Linea C Rome Metro;
  • Supply and installatiion of  cable ducts for  power and signal Electrical distribution  from Depot Area to Giardinetti Station for Linea C Rome Metro
  • Supply and installation of Power Center cabinets for  railway stations and Depot Area  Metrobrescia
  • Installation of  MV-LV cabinets for  railway stations Metrobrescia;
  • Installation of  cable ducts for  power and signal electrical distribution Metrobrescia
Safety and security for railways and Metros
CCTV Standard Platform for Metropolitana di Napoli Linea 6

The concept of Security for Railways and Metros may be defined as  
monitoring and protecting the infrastructure (stations, tunnels, rolling  
stock, bridges, viaducts, depots,yards, etc), and the users against:
  • Aggressions and antisocial behaviors
  • Thefts, vandalism and graffitism
  • Sabotage and terrorism
  • Unauthorized access to restricted areas
Intelligent video analysis is provided by a sophisticated image processing subsystem, which is able to produce a real-time elaboration of the 
pictures captured by the CCTV equipments.
Event detection is based on image processing and techniques which are 
able to identify and automatically tabulate (by comparison with the 
background) objects and individuals detected in the scene.

Access control system and ticketing

Several Access and Ticketing System ( Construction  and Commissioning ):
  •  Circumflegrea:  Montensanto to Torregaveta  Stations;
  •  Circumvesuviana: Napoli-Baiano; Napoli-Sarno, Napoli-Sorrento All Stations.
Operation and Maintenance

Metropolitana di Napoli: Linea 6 Linea 1 and Piscinola Depot
Ordinary- scheduled preventive 
maintenance of  technological systems:
  • Power supply and electrical distribution;
  • Security systems;
  • Safety systems;
  • Water systems;
  • HVAC systems;
  • Air system;
  • Fuel distribution system.

Photovoltaics Plants


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